Written at Age Ten...

A little boy with big dreams to heal the world.


10 year old Zachary has already traveled from the islands of Hawaii to the Cascade mountains, from Gulf Beaches to Redwood forests, from the sacred Mayan ruins of Belize all the way to the jungles of Costa Rica.

This is the remarkable coming of age story of a young boy who works daily with a Mayan Shaman learning about the power of healing.

Come along on Zachary's adventure! 

This delightful & colorful 56 page book would be a great gift to give to those young people who have a different light on Earth, those who wish to heal instead of harm. Including historical references to the Mayan people themselves. 

Recommended for ages 6 and up. This book is filled with pictures of Zachary as he learns how to be a Shaman.

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About the Author

Book Excerpt:  My name is Zachary and I am ten years old. I am learning to be a Shaman. I do this by being an "Apprentice". This means that I am a Shaman in training. I feel very lucky and blessed to have this honor, especially in today's times - when Shaman are not so easy to find. My Shaman says that one does not learn to be a Shaman, but that one simply becomes a Shaman. It is something you are born with. I feel very lucky that I was born with it, and luckier still that I heard my calling! Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a helper and a healer. I want to take the pain away from the world. I want everyone to live in peace and to be without heartache and without sadness. I'd like to teach people to love each other and to be kind to each other. When I was only 3 or 4 years old my favorite game was to play Doctor and Medicine Man. I remember driving through the desert and visiting the ruins in Arizona and feeling very safe and peaceful there in the quiet desert. My mother told me many stories about the healers of the past and how they have kept the people safe since the beginning of time. My mother says that ever since we went there, I would take my play silks and dress up like the Native Americans of long ago. I didn't play warrior. I always played medicine man. I like to collect feathers, sticks, stones and seeds and keep them in my special medicine pouch. I have collected these since I can remember and each new treasure I find speaks to me in some way and gives me a message or a feeling. Some of my most powerful stones are from our visits to far away places. I have River Rocks from Oregon, lava rocks from Hawaii and a very old clay piece of pottery I found in Belize near a Temple ruin. I have some driftwood from Costa Rica and more from Washington State. My Shaman also gave me some maize (corn) and I carry it with me for protection.